Past activities:


-LOW Dutch-Flemish cultural festival hosting Luud Schimmelpenninck to talk about the White Bicycle project with the Mayor of Budapest. Read more...

-Ambassador's letter of support to Critical Mass. Critical Mass opened by Ambassador. Read more...



-Cultural attaché's letter of support to Critical Mass.

-Cultural attaché unveiling bicycle parking racks in Budapest city centre. Read more...

-Dutch cultural festival NINCS LEHETETLEN. The Dutch Embassy organizes concerts of Dutch and Hungarian bands for the participants of Critical Mass.




-Critical Mass rally opened by the Dutch Ambassador.

-Bicycle parking: Ambassador unveiling bicycle parking racks in Budapest city centre. Read more...

-Cycling panel discussion: The Dutch Embassy opened an urban cycling-related panel discussion of civil organizations and politicians. Read more...

-Hungarian Cyclists' Club company: Founded by Dutch companies like KLM and ING, presided by the Dutch ambassador, announced at the Christmas event of the Dutch-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce. Read more...



-Critical Mass (30th April): The Dutch Ambassador's letter of support to the Critical Mass.

Video: Critical Mass in Hungary salutes the Netherlands on Queen's Day.

-Critical Mass (autumn rally): Opened by the Dutch Ambassador. After the rally the Dutch Embassy organises a concert for all the participants of the critical mass. Read more...

-Contest for Children: The Dutch Embassy and the Hungarian Cyclists' Club company section collaborate in a visual contest for children The winning and most creative pieces are exhibited at the European Commission representation in Hungary (Európa Pont). Read more... Read more...



-Critical Mass: The rally opened by the Dutch Ambassador on 22nd April. The Dutch Embassy organises an afterparty for all the participants that includes a film premier (Rickshaw Rush, a documentary on the Hungarian rickshaw taxi drivers in Amsterdam) and two music groups that composed the soundtrack.

-Dutch Bike Design exhibition: An Eindhoven-based design organization YKSI's 'Dutch Bike' design exhibition opened in Budapest (21st September – 11th October), an official program of the Budapest Design Week. Dutch traffic experts and promoters of cycling participate in a professional forum on urban cycling focusing on the mindset shift in the Netherlands in the 1970s when priority was given to cyclists and pedestrians in traffic (21st September).



-Biking season: Opening of the biking season with the Deputy Head of Mission – in cooperation with Hungarian Cyclists' Club.

-Critical Mass: The last Critical Mass rally is opened by the Deputy Head of Mission.



-Bike to Work campaign: “The Dutch Ambassador bikes to work” – A video in support of Hungarian Cyclists' Club's “Bike to Work” campaign.

-Photo contest / fashion show of Cyclechic and Instyle: The Dutch embassy supports the photo contest/fashion show of Cyclechic Hungary and InStyle magazine.

-Contest for Children: A visual contest for children, with the 1st prize offered by KLM and the Embassy. The winning and most creative pieces were exhibited at the European Commission representation in Hungary (Európa Pont) during the European Mobility Week.


"I bike Budapest": The Dutch Ambassador's video message in support of I Bike Budapest.

The Dutch Ambassador opening I Bike Budapest, of which the Dutch Embassy is exclusive sponsor.





(C_I Bike Budapest 2016)