Events 2016:

April 14, Tallinn:


Name of the event: Cycling and city development

Moderator: Tõnis Savi 

Welcome by Jos Schellaars, the Netherlands Ambassador to Estonia and Tallinn City Government Representative.

Mr. Herbert Tiemens, The Dutch Cycling Ambassador shared experience of benefits of cycling touching on Dutch cycling infrastructure and bike policy as well as infrastructure within organisations to promote cycling.

Mr Toms Kokins on how Riga is composing a national cycling strategy? Experiences of having a special cycling representative in the Riga city gov.

Mrs Mari Jüssi from SEI talked about the analysis of new mobility and some paradoxes she found. 

Mr Peeter Pärel Pere talked about branding of the city and cycling as a tool.

Networking reception by the Netherlands Embassy


Bicycling Seminar in Tartu

A keynote speaker at the cycling seminar was Mr. Herbert Tiemens of the Dutch Cycling Embassy, promoting cycling in Estonia using Dutch experience. The main topic of his lecture at this seminar was the significance of cycling economics, including how to combine biking and public transportation, and bicycle parking. The Dutch Ambassador was also present at the seminar.

Tallinn Cycling

Photo description: The Embassy is always proud to show off our two ‘Holland bikes’. The bikes are permanently stalled in the visitors’ hall for anyone to check them out!