Dutch Expertise

Dutch Cycling Embassy

Sharing know-how, experience and contacts.

We facilitate cycling worldwide as the most modern, efficient and sustainable method of transport by sharing our expertise and technology as the world's number one cycling country.

Who are we?
The Dutch Cycling Embassy is a comprehensive network of:

  • Private companies: traffic and infrastructure consultants and manufacturers
  • NGOs, universities and research institutions
  • National and local governments

What can we do for you?

The Dutch Cycling Embassy can put you in touch with its extensive Dutch network. Whether your goals involve research, planning, policy-making, product development, manufacturing, construction or building, we can help you find the best possible partners.

The Dutch Cycling Embassy
Ezelsveldlaan 59, 2611 RV Delft 
The Netherlands
+ 31 (0)15 2516561



The best way to experience the Dutch cycling culture is, of course, to come to the Netherlands and to cycle yourself! For this purpose, we offer tailored cycling tours to you and your whole team. Depending on your interests and time constraints, you may take a short city tour or an expanded trip through rural areas.


You are convinced of the Dutch principles of cycling inclusive mobility? You would like to improve cycling in your local community? The Dutch Cycling Embassy can help you to conceptualize how to do it.


Once you have decided what to do, the Dutch Cycling Embassy can help you do it. Our most important capacity lies in finding the best possible partner for you and your project. Relying on a network of more than 40 public and private Dutch members, the Dutch Cycling Embassy can help you to establish a strategic cooperation and to profit from Dutch know-how.