2011 Opening of the Cyklopoint - First aid spot for cyclists
In 2011, together with the organization Švihaj Šuhaj which provides ecological bicycle courier service the Embassy opened the “Cyklopoint” - the first aid spot for cyclists in the downtown of Bratislava (Cyklopoint is located at the premises of the cultural centre KC Dunaj) which should contribute to the development of city cycling in Bratislava and increase the popularity of cycling. Cyklopoint is still functioning. Cyclists can use this point to repair their bicycles for free. It contains various instruments (pumps, wrenches, bicycle stand etc.) and supplies (tapes, oil, etc.).

2011 Cyklofest – European Mobility Week
In 2011, the Embassy participated in the 5th edition of the community event “Cyklofest 2011” in Banská Bystrica which promoted the development of urban and peri-urban cycling and improving conditions for cyclists. The event was also part of the European Mobility Week. This project was focused on raising the awareness for more sustainable means of transport but also on creating conditions to solve the issue of safe city cycling in Banská Bystrica and surroundings (the lack of safe paths in the city means no motivation for inhabitans to use bicycles for daily transport). Examples of good practices in the Netherlands were presented during this event in the form of short movies and power-point presentations by Slovaks who lived in the Netherlands and spoke about their experience with city cycling in the Netherlands and compared it with the situation in Slovakia.

2013 Envirofilm Festival Bike Rides
In 2013, the Embassy supported the side-events of the International film festival Envirofilm which took place in nine Slovak cities: Banská Bystrica, Banská Štiavnica, Košice, Kremnica, Krupina, Poltár, Skalica, Zvolen, and Bratislava. The side events “To the work on a bike” and “Public Bike Ride of Stars” aimed at promoting non-motorized transport and promoting bicycles as the suitable means of transportation to move around the city. Moreover, the side events focused on the idea of building safe space for cyclists in the city.

2015 Cyclo Conference Banska Bystrica
Already into its 7th edition, the international conference on ‘cyclo transportation’ was held in Banska Bystrica on the 7th and 8th of October. For the first time the conference was under patronage of the Slovak Ministry of Transport, as well as the Ministry of Environment, signifying what seems as a growing interest to increase bicycle use as part of the overall transportation mix.

Aside from presentations delivered by the above-mentioned ministries on how to draw funds for sustainable mobility, there were speakers from the Czech Republic, Germany and the Netherlands to highlight an array of ‘cyclo developments’ in their respective regions/cities.

During the second day, Mr. Sjors van Duren from the Province of Gelderland (The Netherlands) delivered a forward-thinking and motivational speech on where the Netherlands comes from as a cycling nation. He underlined the fact that current Dutch cycling infrastructure was delivered incrementally during the past few decades due to strong perseverance from smaller cycling coalitions and systematic co-operation with local/regional authorities. Furthermore, he highlighted the importance of promoting cycling as a healthy and fun means of transport that can play a key role in alleviating congestion problems that large cities are facing across the globe. Mr. Sjors van Duren also brought across key elements of his engaging Dutch cycling story to a television crew of RTVS who covered part of the second conference day.

14 April 2016
Expert round-table ‘No Science-fiction, just Cycling!‘
Organized by the Embassy and in co-operation with the Slovak National Cycling Coordinator and NGO Cyklokoalicia Expert round-table followed by networking reception which aims to bring together all relevant stakeholders who will discuss the challenges of current cycling transportation in Bratislava. The topics to be discussed:
- cycling & sustainable urban mobility
- cycling safety on roads
- cycling and health & environment
- importance of national cycling policies, strategies and campaigns
Moreover, at the start the cycling inspirations from the Netherlands will be presented.
After the expert round-table, all participants will be invited to join the second ‘less serious’ part of the activities of the CFE2016 day – Fietsfestijn (Bratislava: Let’s go Cycling!).

Targetgroup: Experts from local municipality, Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Interior, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Environment, Road-Traffic Police, cycling activists