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2nd July 2016: Beograd Velograd Festival

Start of the tour at Republic Square, Belgrade

On July 2nd this year, the Embassy in Belgrade organizes the fourth edition of the Beograd Velograd Festival, in cooperation with Beograd Velograd. On this day, hundreds of people dressed in orange will ride their bike through the centre of Belgrade. The goal of this orange bike ride is to celebrate cycling and to encourage the development of the cycling culture of Serbia.

Cycling is a major means of transportation in the Netherlands, serving as a sustainable, healthy and economical mobility solution. As the only country in the world with more bicycles than people, the Netherlands is a good example of how widespread cycling can contribute to economic and environmental development of a country. It is a pleasure to share this experience and encourage cycling in the capital of Serbia. Improving the biking culture of Belgrade could contribute to the development of the living standards of the city and it has a positive impact on the environment. The overall number of bikers in Belgrade is growing every year. However, a lot can be done to facilitate this growth by designing a bike-friendly infrastructure to prevent accidents. Urban biking could and should also be practiced actively in Belgrade! Unlike the use of cars or buses, cycling as city transport allows quick reach on short distances and does not require large parking space. Bikes can be used by people of any age, from kids riding a bike on the way to school the young and middle-aged people cycling around the city on their way to work, to the elderly riding for running an errand or recreation.

Beograd Velograd Festival is a unique opportunity which for the fourth year in a row brings cyclist together for a mass bike ride through Belgrade. Honoured to participate in the European Cycling Festival 2016, Belgrade invites you all to join the bike tour and celebrate cycling in Belgrade!

Europe Let’s Go Cycling!



"Ulice za bicikliste": Independent organization committed to improving biking conditions and increasing the visibility of cyclists in highly-trafficked areas of Belgrade.

(New cycling path at the Sava Promenade 2016)