Past activities

12 June 2016: Swieto Cykliczne

Swieto Cykliczne (Cycle Fest) is an annual event to celebrate and promote cycling, organized in multiple Polish cities since several years. In Kraków, it is organized since 2009. It was a great Bicycle Ride in a group of about 2000 cyclists, which ended at the "Wanda" Stadium in Nowa Huta (northeastern district of Kraków). The Finale of Cycle Fest - Bicycle Picnic took place at the stadium, with many cycle-related contests, activities like bike polo games, monocycle rides, tallbike jousting and many more (including free bike repair service).

More: http://www.swietocykliczne.pl/2016/                        http://krakow.swietocykliczne.pl/  

(© Święto Cykliczne Kraków)

14 April 2016: DCE expert meeting with road designers

Warsaw Road Authority ZDM experts and road designers met with the expert of the Dutch Cycling Embassy to discuss during a workshop different solutions for a concrete project in Warsaw: the rebuilding of the ul. Jana Pawła II street and making it more cyclists friendly. Main objective: ‘Bicycle inclusive road design – how does it work?’

14 April – 15 June 2016: Photo contest ‘Bike2work’ and ‘Bike2school’Photo contest organized by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands via social media to promote cycling in daily situations like going to work or to school/university. Main objective: ‘Choose bicycle as the daily mean of transport’

4 - 31 May 2016: Cycling May (Rowerowy Maj): competition for primary schools in Warsaw. 

Cycling May is a campaign directed to pupils and teachers from primary schools, promoting healthy life style, sustainable mobility and promoting bicycle as a mean of transport.  The campaign was initiated by the city of Gdańsk, organising it for the third time. This year other cities have been invited to join. In Warsaw it will take place for the first time. 55 schools in Warsaw will compete. All participating pupils will collect stickers every time they come to school by bike. Cycling May was organized by the Warsaw Road Authority ZDM.

More: http://rowery.um.warszawa.pl/aktualnosci/na-g-wnej/rowerowy-maj-w-warszawie 

5 June 2016: Bicykleton – 1st cycling marathon in Warsaw

Public event organized by the ‘Rower w mieście’ Foundation for all categories of cyclists: Those who want to race and those who cycle for leisure.



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