12th of May 20:00 – 24.00

Bicycle Drive-in Cinema Night – St. George Square Valletta

In the most prominent square of Valletta, St. George’s Square, a drive-in cinema was organized for bicycles in stead of cars. An open-air cinema, just for bikes! Only those who came by bicycle were allowed to enter the square. Bicycles were able to be locked onto the benches, which were spread all over the square. On a large screen we were showing a selection of great cycling films: the famous Amsterdam cycling scene from Turkish Delight (‘Turks Fruit’), the short film ‘Mama Agatha’, and as pièce de résistance Vittorio de Sica’s Italian classic ‘Ladri di Bicilette’.
Visitors were able to get popcorn and drinks, and some cycling gadgets were available to further promote cycling in Malta.

By organizing this highly visible event for the general public, the Embassy aimed at raising awareness of alternative modes of transport and mobility on an island that is completely blocked by cars every day, and lacks basic infrastructure for cycling.

More cycling on Malta would not only be beneficial for health, the environment and traffic, but also for tourism!