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June 22, 2016: EuBike Conference On Cycling, Sharing and Creating

Networking event and presentation of local cycling initiatives. The conference is co-organized by the Zoï Environment Network, RCE Vienna and IMC FH Krems and funded by the EU lifelong learning project EuBike.

Location: CoSpace - Gumpendorferstrasse 65/1, Vienna, Austria.

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Best practices

With the Cycling Master Plan 2015-2025 the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, Environment and Water Management continues the successful promotion of cycling. The aim is to increase the cycling mode share to 13 per cent by 2025.

Radel zur Arbeit (Cycle to work), is a yearly event which encourages companies and individuals to use their bikes to go to work. This year it is taking place during the whole month of May.

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The platform “Cycle Competence Austria” offers the best possible cycling solutions “Made in Austria” to improve cycle traffic, launch international networking activities and transfer know-how to interested parties from all over Europe.


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Electric Bike Support Programme and research on the use of electric bikes

As part of the klimaaktiv climate initiative the klimaaktiv mobil programme offers financial support to the following groups that aim to reduce CO2 emissions by means of mobility projects: businesses, property developers, cities, municipalities, regions, as well as players from the tourism industry, schools and youth initiatives. A research project from the Austrian province of Vorarlberg in 2010 highlighted the question of how many passenger cars could be replaced by electric bikes. 500 people (individuals as well as institutions) took part in this research project. They forwarded their information regarding the amount of cycling with their electric bike on a quarterly basis. The findings of the project were among others, that the average route on an electric bike was around seven kilometres. Before the implementation of the project, around half of the trips conducted by the survey members were done by a conventional bike and 35% by passenger car.



Austrian Cycling Conference 2016

• Motto: From recreational to everyday cycling

• Date: 23-24 June 2016

• Location: Culture and Congress Centre Eisenstadt, Franz Schubert-Platz 6, 7000 Eisenstadt, Austria

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• Conference Language: German. Parts of the program will be translated into Hungarian 

• Costs: free of charge

The 9th Austrian Cycling Conference will take place on the 23rd and 24th of June 2016 with the motto "From recreational to everyday cycling". Child and youth mobility as well as suggestions on how to transform the bicycle from tourist traffic to everyday traffic will be the main focus of the conference. In lectures and workshops, national and international experts, including Lukas Stadtherr from Switzerland and Michael Cramer, Member of the European Parliament, will share their experience from projects and research. The highlight of the agenda "Knowledge creates more cycling" will provide an insight into the ongoing work at universities and research facilities targeting cycling innovations. The organizer of the Austrian Cycling Conference is the Province of Burgenland and the City of Eisenstadt with support of the climate initiative from the Austrian Ministry of Environment. Cooperation partners are the Austrian Association of Cities and Municipalities.